• Dedicated Physician Advocacy
    Through High Reliability Wellness™

    The Scott Advisory provides retainer-based services for select individuals and their families. We help you achieve, enhance, and sustain health and wellness. We focus on building customized Fortified Family Health Systems™ based on High Reliability Science. The Scott Advisory builds individualized strategies for each family member with goal-oriented processes based on personal choices.

    Our group focuses entirely on a client family’s goals. We don’t provide patient care services or offer specific medical advice. Our service complements medical care, providing prospective, guidance and resources. We also engage with other trusted family advisers to ensure successful outcomes.

    In many situations, a person’s access to healthcare is defined by their physician. However, no single provider can deliver all services needed by you or your family. For individuals needing specialized care or support, ensuring effective communication between multiple care providers can be a challenge. When seeing multiple specialists, it’s critical for an individual to receive effective care oversight, allowing for better management of comprehensive care.



    The Scott Advisory's roles include:


    Consultants who work with all types of families to create sustainable wellness legacies across generations, ensuring optimal health, longevity, and quality of life.


    Just-in-time health advocates for family members in times of crises, bringing to bear all that is needed to achieve and maintain the best possible health for each family member.


    Translators of medical reports, diagnostics, ensuring clients are well informed and prepared to engage, communicate effectively make health care decisions.

  • About Dr. Scott


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    Carol J. Scott, MD, MSEd, FACEP

    Emergency Physician, Keynote Speaker & Healthcare Advocate


    Carol J. Scott is the founder and CEO of the Scott Advisory. Carol is a practicing emergency physician, coach, and healthcare advocate. For individuals and families facing medical crises, Carol listens with the ear of a professional advisor and the expertise of a physician. Through her practice, Carol's advocacy has been proven to accelerate the diagnostic and treatment process for clients, leading to improved outcomes in complex health circumstances.


    As a physician advocate, Carol ensures families get the best of care when it matters most. Following just-in-time principles, she serves as an on-demand link between patients and the latest advances in healthcare research and technology. Through her professional network, Carol provides clients access to world class providers on an expedited basis. Whether clients are facing urgent, critical, or emergent medical needs, she works tirelessly to support families during each stage of the diagnostic and treatment process, from formulating care strategies to logistics management during implementation.


    The Scott Advisory also works with families to create sustainable health legacies that last across generations. For affluent families, health is an asset that deserves the same level of care and dedication as traditional capital.


    Through a deep understanding of the unique wellness challenges facing affluent families, Carol works with all members to build a solid platform that allows a shared understanding of the link between sustainable personal health and a families' values and mission. Dr. Scott also educates through Health Conversations at family meetings, addressing challenging family issues such as genetic disease, addiction, chronic disability (children and adults), brain disorders and end of life decision making.

    Finally, Carol’s Strategic Wellness Coaching helps family leaders define a wellness vision and grow into experts and leaders of their own well-being by encouraging deep thinking and self-discovery to achieve of optimal physical and emotional capacity. She helps individuals learn to leverage innate abilities to manage personal health like a Fortune 100 company; focusing on growth, innovation, crises management and risk management.

    She is a practicing Board Certified Emergency Physician and Health Educator trained at Johns Hopkins University where she served as Assistant Chief of Service. She is also Board Certified in Internal Medicine, trained at Duke University. Dr. Scott is a founding fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professionals Association, and recipient of the Educator of the Year Award from the National Association of Women Emergency Physicians.

    As a thought leader in stress management and wellness, she created the concepts; BestStressZone™, MindPause™, The CEO Model of Wellness™ and S.M.A.R.T. Thinking™. Her insights have been covered in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, SELF, FastCompany, “O” magazine and Huffington Post.


    Dr. Scott also provides keynote presentations for corporate events and leadership retreats. Clients include: Morgan Stanley, UPS, Oracle, McDonalds, Discovery Channel, Barron’s, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly Clarke, Professional Business Women of California and Working Mother 100 Best Companies. She has spoken at the Governor’s Conferences for Women in California, Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida.

    Her most recent book soon to be published is, “Five Principles of Ageless Living, Inspired by High Reliability Science."


    She is married to Alex Scott, MD, and is the mother of two sons, Kade and Douglas