• Services Overview

    Health is everything. It isn’t just for the present, but for generations to come. Achieving wellness, preventing illness and optimizing management of chronic disorders is a family matter. While each family member has their personal perspective and priorities, The Scott Advisory helps all family members to stand united in achieving a singular vision, providing a platform for growth, cohesion and a shared understanding of the link between sustainable health and family values.

    The Scott Advisory works with individuals and families to help them consider two core questions:

    What is the value of health and wellness for your family?

    How can wealth be used to enhance and preserve the health and overall wellbeing of your family?


    Education regarding preventive care, self-advocacy, and training

    on how to successfully navigate the modern healthcare system

    to ensure the best outcomes.

    Family Services

    Customized coaching focused on enhancing cross-generational health within a family. Development of a Family Health Charter to provide expected wellness standards and reimbursement guidelines for elective and mandatory care needs.

    Healthcare Advocacy

    Aggressive pursuit of the best diagnostic and treatment options following urgent health needs, such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke. Review and assessment of each step in the healthcare process, helping to ensure best possible outcomes.

    Keynote Speaking

    Engaging, informative healthcare content for corporate and private clients. Discover insider tips from a physician on how to get the most out of your healthcare experience.