• Fortified Family Health

    Achieving High Reliability Wellness through the SCOTT Protocol

    Families share a common legacy, built on their health histories, shared decisions, and ingrained beliefs about wellness. For many families, this legacy is passed down through long, healthy lives. For some, it may be marked by years of slow decline, tarnished by the limitations associated with poor health, impairment and premature disability. For other families, it may even be marked by the early death of family members suffering from untreated chronic disease.


    Our family trees can reveal a lot about us in terms of health.


    Health is our most important asset. It impacts our jobs, our relationships, and even our ability to enjoy life itself. Unlike a retirement account or a home, health is an asset that often falls to the wayside, supplanted by the obligations of daily life. However, our health—our inherent ability to contribute to the world and to our families—is directly tied to our ability to maintain a healthy body and mind.


    A life with poor health may be marked by disability, chronic pain, and a reduced ability to provide for our families. Poor health, in its essence, is a lasting inability for an individual to positively engage the world around them. Families have a network of trusted advisors to help create a sustainable legacy with financial security, but without good health, none of these other things matter in the end. The ability to explore the world, enjoy a round of golf with grandkids, or simple everyday activities are all reliant on the way we take care of our health and that of our families. Health is a resource that must be cherished the same as any other, and that's why the Scott Health Advisory was founded. Dr. Scott works with families to fortify their health through a program unlike any other. And in the event the unexpected happens, she will be there, guiding patients and their families through whatever difficult times may come, making sure they have access to the latest diagnostics, treatment technologies, and innovations available.



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  • There are two key elements of Fortified Family Health: High Reliability Wellness™ and Physician-Guided Advocacy

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    Fortified Family Health is a combination of two approaches, one focused on prevention of disease, and a second focused on quickly diagnosis and treating disease when it occurs. Many types of diseases can be prevented through lifestyle adjustments, regular health monitoring, and education. This doesn't just include diseases like heart attack or stroke. For example, for individuals with a genetic predisposition to certain types of cancer, there are specific lifestyle adjustments that can help reduce the risk of this disease. Prevention is only possible with knowing, and the Scott Health Advisory can work your family and a genetic counselor to ensure that you're making the right choices to ensure a healthier future.


    In the event that disease does strike, the Scott Health Advisory is there for your family. As soon as a diagnosis is reported or symptoms of emergent disease occur, Dr. Scott will help patients get facilitated access to the best diagnostic and treatment options available, all the while serving as a liaison between providers and a patient / family.

  • What is High Reliability Wellness?

    Discover how to outperform your family's health legacy

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    High Reliability Science is a methodology designed to reduce the risk of harmful events. Originally created to reduce the risks for the nuclear and aviation industries, the methodology has been adopted to many fields.


    For the first time, Dr. Scott has taken these same methodologies and applied them to management of personal wellness. Like the hypercomplex operations above, managing human wellness can be a difficult job. Managing health requires more than diet and exercise–it requires a multifaceted approach to prevent potential issues before they occur. High Reliability Wellness is based on:

    1. Self Awareness - Understanding your own wellness, both in terms of potential genetic disease, the lifestyle adjustments needed to reduce those risks, and staying in tune with the link between daily choices and long-term wellness. 
    2. Consistent Monitoring  - Continually monitoring vitals such as weight, blood pressure, or blood sugar at home, and receiving in-office diagnostics on a regular basis, such as blood panels, pap smears, PSA testing, mammograms, colonoscopies, and more. 
    3. Oversight - Ensuring that there's an expert watching over your wellness. Even if you don't think there is a problem with your health, a physician or specialist can often read between the lines in complex health situations that you may not be aware of.
    4. Tenacity - Recognizing that life is a continual process of growth, and that unavoidable diseases do offer a path for recover and improved quality of life. 
    5. Taking Action - Wellness isn't something you start worrying about in the future, it's something you start planning for NOW!
  • Building Sustainable Family Legacies with the Scott Health Advisory

    Over the next 20 years, $30 trillion dollars is estimated to be transferred from the current generation of high net worth families to the next, which makes multigenerational planning a high priority. Most families are familiar with financial advisors and their value in creating a sustainable legacy. However, there's another type of advisor that's just as important: Health Advisors.


    In additional to traditional assets, families values are a legacy that should be cherished. One of these core values is health. Family health is an asset that can't be passively managed; it requires active engagement across generations. Whether a family is managing concerns at the beginning of life (such as prenatal genetic screening) or issues that appear at the end of life (such as managing healthcare Power of Attorney concerns), it's critical to have the best guidance to navigate these complex issues.


    The Scott Health Advisory works with families to bridge the gap between family members and the healthcare system, ensuring that every interaction is accurate, well-informed, and the best option available for that family member. From advanced preventive care management to aggressive pursuit of the latest treatment options, Dr. Scott provides a critical link in a family's network of professional advisors.

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    While many families have a health legacy marked by long quality of life, a number of issues can impact health, ranging from lifestyle to hereditary disease. Even families that don't or some, it may be marked by years of slow decline, tarnished by the limitations associated with poor health, impairment and premature disability. For other families, it may even be marked by the early death of family members suffering from untreated chronic disease.Family health legacies aren’t written in stone; they can be sculpted with the right choices. All families have the opportunity to build a sustainable platform that provides future generations with healthy body and mind.

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    Views on health have evolved substantially in recent decades. While good health was once viewed as a static goal to be achieved, health experts now see it as the dynamic, continual pursuit of wellness. Optimal health isn’t any individual activity or metric; it’s a fundamental shift in a person’s perspective, influencing every choice they make in life.

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    Healthy choices are often compromised as families deal with the busy realities of life, and good intentions can quickly become derailed. Optimal wellness requires a new type of thinking, and requires families to look beyond long-established habits and deeply-ingrained lifestyles. Behaviors that form an inherent part of everyday life are the hardest the change, but the first step is to consciously recognize them. And that begins with family leaders. Family leaders are the cornerstone of future generations.


    These leaders have a unique opportunity to shape their personal health and the health of their loved ones in ways that resonate at a deep level. According to a recent study (Edelman Health Barometer, 2011), family and social environments play as strong a role in an individual’s health as regular visits to a physician (according to two-fifths of respondents). These connections also play a substantial role in influencing a person’s nutrition, with over a third of study participants stating that spouses, friends and loved ones had a direct impact on their dietary choices.

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    You are a role model for your spouse, your children and many other family members. While not always visible, family members have a mutual effect on each other’s health. Health practices, both good and bad, are infectious, and have a powerful impact on influencing the decisions of others. Whether you take an active role in managing your health, or passively accept what may come, your choices influence those who you care about most.


    It’s the responsibility of all family members, particularly those in leadership roles, to recognize the influential power of their health and wellness choices. And the reverse is true too. Without ongoing support from family and friends, it can be very difficult to initiate and maintain healthy, sustainable behaviors. Wellness is a collaborative, whole-family effort.


  • Getting Started With Your Fortified Family Health System

    Dedicated Physician Advocacy

    Immediate availability of a dedicated physician, providing personalized, on-demand care in times of crises. With a knowledgeable, assertive champion for your family's health, you can accelerate the pace of understanding and attacking a medical problem, allowing you to minimize system vulnerabilities, improve provided care, and increase the likelihood of rapid recovery.

    High Reliability Wellness

    Application of HRO science, helping your family achieve a goal of zero preventable harmful events. HROs use comprehensive strategies to monitor, assess and respond to risks.

    Fortified Family Health Charter

    A Fortified Family Health Charter defines a family's unified wellness mission. Each family member retains an individual view, but all are united in achieving a singular vision which provides a platform for growth and cohesion. The charter supports a culture which fosters effective communication while capturing the wisdom, insights and genetic predispositions of all family members.

    Targeted Family Education

    Targeted family education, including health conversations at family events, customized coaching and personalized education modules that guide each family member in the management of their own wellness. This education reflects the unique needs of a family, such as education on diagnostics and prevention of hereditary diseases for which a family may have an increased risk

  • Fortified Family Services

    The Scott Health Advisory works with the family to develop a blueprint for how to take charge of your wellness with authenticity, allowing you to build, maintain and, when necessary, repair personal health. We begin with where your are right now. Whether your goal is to set or reset the path of sustaining what is working managing chronic disorders, living with serious illness, reversing or reducing risks based on each family members personal history, unique circumstances and experiences.

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    • On-demand Advocacy Services for acceleration of care and recovery following health care crises
      Face-to-face meeting with head of family
      Facilitated Health Conversations at family meetings and other events
      Family member stress, health and wellness assessment 
      Health crises management (phone, email, Skype, onsite) 
      Customized family education
      On-demand phone coaching for critical healthcare moments and chronic disease management.
      Development of Fortified Family Health Charter