• Concierge Wellness Coaching

    Discover how to become an advocate for your own health

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    Dr. Scott works with both individuals and families to identify, create and sustain conditions that promote a life of thriving and optimal performance. Her coaching program focuses on helping individuals grow into becoming the experts of their own well-being by encouraging personal responsibility, deep thinking, self-discovery and self-efficacy.


    The coaching process is grounded in aligning personal goals and values through improving well-being with evidence-based mental, physical and emotional strategies. Key coaching areas include fitness, nutrition, health risk, weight management, stress management and life satisfaction.

    Carol will assist you in finding very personal answers, allowing you to create your own possibilities. Through a non-judgmental process, Carol works to engage hearts and minds to achieve lasting, sustainable results.

    That said, Dr. Carol Scott is merely a catalyst that helps you reach your goals through self-empowerment. Client-originated visions and plans are the ones that stick.

  • Scott Advisory Coaching Principles


    Only you are an expert on you. Nobody else has a full understanding of your wellness.


    Wellness goals should be defined by an objective

    self-assessment of your current health.


    Lifestyle and preventive care may not show results today or tomorrow, but they will benefit you long term.


    Each of your daily life choices can have a substantial impact or your future health.


    A one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always work when it comes to health and wellness.


    While coaching can help you on your journey to wellness, you are ultimately responsible for your health.